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TV Series – SciFi Thriller


Cody, a New York Times journalist, is out for revenge against the tech billionaire who framed him and sent him to prison for half of his first life. Did you just read “first” life? Yes. Because humans have recently discovered a dramatic natural phenomenon: on a person’s 125th birthday they revert back to the mental and physical shape of their early 20’s. And last night, Cody turned 125.

Recycled Paper

Cats, Donuts & Roses

Feature – Romantic Comedy

A modern and improbable love story between a vagabond Central Park caricaturist and the daughter of a real estate mogul. The love story of Titanic in the world of Charlie Chaplin. An ode to the streets of New York. A reminder for the generations to come that the most meaningful moments of their lives won't happen on their phone.

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TV Series – Coming-of-Age Comedy

Sebastian is stuck on his father’s farm, dreaming of going to art school. He’s lonely. Although not really. Not anymore. Because a few weeks before his 21st birthday, three characters suddenly came to (his) life: his Heart, his Desire and his Reason. Needless to say, these three don’t always agree with each other... except on one thing: the girl from high school he just ran into.

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The Christmas

Of The Century

Feature – Family Adventure

The poison has worn off and in the desolate village of the Northern North, Santa Claus opens his eyes for the first time in more than a hundred years.

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Through Me,

Across The Ocean

Feature – Dramatic Comedy


A year into fatherhood, a French expat living in Los Angeles starts experiencing at night the life he would be living if he’d never left his country. 

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The Newest Job In The World

Short – Drama


A few years after Virtual Reality has gone mainstream, 3 women living in 3 different parts of the country experience the impact this new technology is having on the sex industry and the intimate lives of Americans.

Recycled Paper

27 Bullets

Stage Play – Political Thriller

A former police officer, who recently lost his wife and son in a tragic mass shooting, takes hostage the Congressman of his district a week before the midterms election in a desperate attempt to make something – anything – change in the gun control debate in America.

All scripts are registered with the WGA

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